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Brew'ed Biscuits Apple Cinnamon with Upcycled Spent Grains - 170g

Brew'ed Biscuits Apple Cinnamon with Upcycled Spent Grains - 170g

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 Dairy Free | Vegetarian

Plant based all-natural healthy snacks your dog will love! These all natural dog treats are tasty and beneficial, catering to gut health along with other aspects of diet. Each crispy biscuit is fortified with fibers, calories, proteins, moisture and probiotics that aid in gut health. An excellent natural dog treat which is easy for your dog to digest.

Apples are a tasty and healthy treat for our canine companions. Our Spent Grain Apple Cinnamon biscuits are made using:

  • Locally grown and harvested orchard apples from The Cider Keg
  • Harmony Hives all-natural unpasteurized honey. 
  • Arnolds Eggs from the Simcoe Farmers Market. 
  • Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour and Cinnamon.

Apple is a disease-fighting fruit that packs a nutritional punch, complete with dietary fiber and vitamins. As a bonus, apples can help keep a dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. A tasty treat for those close-up kisses!

What Are Spent Grains: Spent grains are oats and barley that are a byproduct of beer making. During the brewing process the grains are “spent” or steeped to remove the sugars. What is left is a healthy, tasty, low-gluten, sugar-free byproduct that is approximately 20% protein and 70% fiber that is good for humans and pets!

Healthy, great for your dog and the environment




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